TV Adaptations: Best vs Worst

Five Shows we loved vs Five Shows we hated

We’ve all seen them! Everyone’s doing it! Everywhere you look these days, books are being converted to TV shows and films on just about any viewing platform you go on: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, NowTV… everyone has something!

Whilst we love seeing some of our favourite books come to life, we will admit that occasionally it does not hit the mark! Sometimes the story needs to stay on the pages…does that make sense?

Below you find choices that we think do and don’t do their books justice. Naturally this isn’t our only opinions, but we would be here all day if we wrote them all down!

The “These are exactly how we imagine them” Choices


Hands down Tish’s favourite TV show. She is obsessed and currently watching Season Five so no spoilers please! This show is obsessive! Sam Heughan plays our heartthrob and Caitriona Balfe our heroine and their chemistry on screen is just sizzling.

The TV show is highly recommended (not just by Tish, promise) and follow a 20th century British nurse named Claire Randall who travels back in time to 18th century Scotland. There, she falls in love with an incredibly handsome red-headed Highlander named Jamie Fraser. And the rest is history—literally. During the seasons they adventure through key events in time such as World War II, Scotland’s Battle of Culloden, the Jacobite risings, and the American Revolution.

Gossip Girl

If you didn’t enjoy Gossip Girl as a teen then just skip…cause we are gonna fangirl hard right now! we LOVED Gossip Girl! And who wouldn’t? Its basically lots of really good looking teens, doing all the things we wished we could do: Pool parties, fancy outfits, modelling, clubbing, designer clothes…basically every teens dream.

And besides that, we would say that maybe the TV show is actually better than the book? I mean Chuck and Blair don’t get together in the books (and we love them!), Serena and Dan don’t date in the books really (major plot in the show), Lily and Rufus?! Nate and Vanessa?! ALL DIFFERENT!

Sorry…Off to watch Gossip Girl. xoxo

Game of Thrones

Where do we begin?! Eight Seasons of breathtaking scenery, heart-wrenching deaths, lots of gore and JON FRIGGIN SNOW! Game of Thrones did the books justice (and the books aren’t even finished yet) and the bits that were changed from the books were done with advice from the author George R. R. Martin and in a very well thought out way. We loved it!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Now if you have read the books, you will know there are 13 to this series…thats a whole lot of information to cram into a series right? The series does well to adapt the book series to its complete story, while also expanding the world with new characters and extra details. For example, Count Olaf and other characters now have POV rather than just Violet, Klaus and Sunny.

Whilst you have to agree that the film adaptation with Jim Carey was awful (classic but awful), the TV show goes out of its way to be as good an adaptation as it can be to the series. After all, the books themselves leave a lot of loose ends open to interpretation so naturally the TV Show will leave some question marks…


I mean have you seen TV Poldark?! that man is F.I.N.E! And a good moody actor so really Aiden Turner did really well in landing himself this role. Yes the book goes into more depth about situations and you can read more into it, but the fact of the matter is the show does a splendid job of replicating the books and have been highly praised for 5 wonderful seasons.

FYI: He gets his top off in Season One…If that doesn’t draw you in, all is lost!

The “Should have left them well alone” Choices


Tish watched one episode – just ONE! and was like nope, this is awful! The acting was just bleurgh and we couldn’t get on board with it at all! Then we find out they changed Clary’s character from the book (yeah…neither of us have read them) and the writers changed things like the age of the main characters and the purpose of the Mortal Cup.

Thus no longer making it an adaptation and probably upsetting a lot of people.

The Secret Circle

Now we haven’t actually watched this one, it only ran for one season! From what we can understand, the show centred around “Cassie”, a teenager who joins a secret coven of witches — exactly like in the book. However, everything else seems to have been changed, including the original number of Secret Circle members, the setting, and details about Cassie’s family tree. And this did not go down well with the fans, AT ALL! Hence the cancellation after one season.

Yet another example of you need to leave it alone or actually follow the bloody book!

The Frankenstein Chronicles

Now – if you compare this to the book, then this is terrible. They stole a title and “vaguely” (we say vaguely as vaguely as humanly possible) use the basis of the Frankenstein story to create the show. The Frankenstein Chronicles is a crime drama disguised under the Frankenstein name. The whole story centers on a London police officer who discovers a weird female corpse with body parts stitched together. That is it! If you ignore all of this and the Dr Jekyll disguised as Mr Hyde scenario we have going on…its not too bad.

But…Go get your own title

True Blood

We’ll admit it:  We do love True Blood! its actually a pretty addicting show and some of the characters get us all kinds of inappropriately hot under the collar. But if it didn’t deviate from the original story so much, it could’ve been even better. For example, why was Sookie such and annoying sap and why on earth did you drag out her relationship with “I have no emotions” Bill Compton. URGH!

And Finally…

13 Reasons Why

Now we will admit, the first season was good. For anyone thats read the book, you have to admit, they did do a good job of relating it all on the screen. They did glamourise the whole thing a tad too much but can we just ask: WHY SO MANY SEASONS! There was absolutely no need and now you’ve ruined it – END. OF.

What do you agree with? What don’t you agree with? Any you would like to add?

Lots of Love,

Kayleigh & Tish

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