So this is us…Hello! Iya! Areet!

We will start with Kayleigh as she is the eldest and therefore most wise! Or so she thinks…

Meet Kayleigh!

Kayleigh is 31 and from Newcastle (hence the accent, which Tish takes the piss out of on a daily basis btw!). Kayleigh is one of those people who, like Tish, always has her nose in a book – its her therapy and escape. She recently achieved her dream of having her own library room (lucky swine!)

Kayleigh is a good all rounder, she reads most genres except Horror! She has a rather eclectic book collection if her Instagram stories are anything to go by. Like Tish, Kayleigh’s favourite genres are YA fantasy and Historical Fiction because she loves escaping to different times and worlds.

Meet Tish!

Tish is turning 30 this year (and she’s not happy about it, so don’t mention it) She currently lives in Yorkshire but is originally a scouser (again, lets not go there). Tish likes to think she’s funny as she has a ridiculously dry and sassy sense of humour. Please note: this can back fire on her as she also does not know when to shut up!

Having been a natural bookworm since a young age, she now spends most of her life hiding her book purchases from her boyfriend in every nook and cranny in the house and reading to her cat Winston (this is no joke). Her favourite genres are Historical Fiction and Fantasy with the occasional splash of Sci Fi and Thrillers.

Fun Fact!

We have never met (this is Kayleigh’s fault!). We actually met on Bookstagram and you could say it was a match made in heaven – not only are we basically the same type of reading brain, we are firm friends and firm believers in a destress rant – something which happens everyday in our group chat with our lovely friend Sam ❀

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