July Wrap Up – Furyborn

July is done and dusted! Another month down and another month read! This month, Furyborn won the privileged place of our Book of the Month and needless to say….we loved it!

It’s described as a “an epic YA fantasy about two fiercely independent young women, centuries apart, who hold the power to save their world…or doom it“.

Fancy right!

We really enjoyed this book but we think the whole group struggled a little at the start with the time difference (if you’ve read it you’ll know what we mean! Especially as the Epilogue basically tells you whats gonna happen!

This synopsis has the whole EPICNESS vibe going on…it sounds big, it sounds wow – and it really is!
The two perspectives were great and over the course of the book, they intertwine really well. Rielle and Eliana were both characters we loved and hated all the way through, they each had characteristics we could relate to and characteristics that annoyed the hell out of us! We definitely ended up having debates about who we were most keen on and why – which is always a fun thing to do especially when we end up with GIFs springing up to get our points across haha

Needless to say I think everyone is keen to read the second book in the Empirium Trilogy together as we are dying to know how the whole thing turns out!

Have any of you read this one? What did you think to the timeframes? Let us know below!

Hopefully you will all join us when we read the next one? The more the merrier in our opinions!

Lots of love,

Kayleigh & Tish xx

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